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Hi to everyone. I’m Cat !

We are the Wanderers is a wedding, adventure and travel blog featuring the best of what Europe has to offer. Being more of an outdoorsy type and less of a girly girl, this blog was born out of frustration with the wedding industry and blogging world. So many wedding blogs are heavily focused on luxury lifestyles and the trend for the so called “fine art” wedding, and the outdoor weddings that they do show are often big budget affairs, usually in North America. Having travelled and been inspired by so many amazing photographers, I know there are stunning “wild and untamed” locations across Europe too.

But this isn’t just a wedding blog. Most of the best travel and adventure blogs that I follow are all about solo travelling, as if being in a relationship or being married is somehow mutually exclusive. We Are The Wanderers is here to show you what amazing adventures can be had in Europe. We are here to spark the wanderlust inside you.

So this is for you.

The couples who keep getting asked when they are planning on settling down.

The couples who go on a camping trip instead of to a luxury spa.

The couples who live out of a suitcase following their dreams travelling the world.

The couples who go against traditions and get married in a way that reflects their passion and personality.


 Cat Ekkelboom-White

Wild Connections Photography

Homepage image of Cat & Menno by Lucy Turnbull Photography

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