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Growing up in England, I never really had much desire to go on holiday there. I always had a bad case of “the grass is always greener” syndrome, and wanted to travel as far away as was possible. But since moving away, I’ve grown fonder and fonder of my homeland.

In October 2016 we decided to spend a few days exploring the south west of England, mainly the Cornish coastline around Lands End/St Ives/Penzance but with a few stops in Devon and Wiltshire on our way back across.

The landscapes we saw absolutely took our breath away. We saw green meadows which dramatically ended in rocky cliffsides, ruined buildings, ancient woodlands and so much more. And to think all of this was in England!

During our trip I challenged myself to shoot only analog 35mm film. It definitely has a different feel to digital photography. The images are softer and the colours are warmer. But the best thing about it is the whole process of shooting film. A slowing down and focusing on the environment around you, taking it all in before carefully pressing that shutter knowing you dan’t get a second shot (unless you want to spend a fortune on film development).

I’d love to know if you shoot film or digital, or both. Which format do you prefer?


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