5 Rockstar Brides Who Weren’t Afraid To Get Their Dress Dirty

A dirty wedding dress blows in the wind in Iceland by Wild Connections Photography
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You’ve chosen the most incredible location for your adventure wedding and you’re picturing yourself standing against a backdrop of epic proportions. There’s just one thing that you’re worried about. Your Dress. You really want those epic, adventurous pictures but what is going to happen to your dress? Let some of these images from previous We Are The Wanderers brides who weren’t afraid to get their dress dirty show you how epic your pictures can be if you stop worrying about the dress and just have some fun.

Brides Who Weren’t Afraid To Get Their Dress Dirty

Going in to the ocean in her dress was one of Kristina’s favourite moments of the day.
“I liked dropping my dress in the ocean and watching it flow with the current against the shore. It felt so exhilarating to simply enjoy my time without the pulls of daily life”


A dress with a train is a stunning bridal look, but remember that it will be dragging on the floor for most of the day. If you’re willing to let it trail behind you, like this bride did, it will look amazing in your pictures.


Always dreamed of arriving to your wedding ceremony on horseback? Jasmin wasn’t going to let the fact that she was wearing a wedding dress stop her from riding a horse on her wedding day!


It was Emily’s dream to hit the slopes in her wedding dress, so that’s exactly what she did. And the pictures of them skiing are Emily & Johan’s absolute favourite pictures from their wedding.


Maz and Dave wanted to get completely off the grid for their elopement in Lofoten in Norway, which meant walking through fields, crossing streams and hiking up a mountain.


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Brides who weren't afraid to get their dress dirty on We Are The Wanderers

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