5 Ways To Spend More Time Outside

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Spending time outside has many benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing, from helping reduce stress levels to improving concentration. But with the busy lives that we all lead, sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re trapped behind a computer screen for 90% of your life. If you long to get out from behind your desk and get outside more, this blog post is for you, with some tip tips on how to spend more time outside.

 5 Ways To Spend More Time Outside

1. Get Up To Watch The Sunrise

There’s something quite empowering about being up early and watching the sun rise over the horizon. It’s also beautiful to observe the golden glow that the rising sun casts and is a great way to set you up for the day ahead.

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2. Eat Your Lunch Outside

Find somewhere outside to eat your lunch. Perhaps a cafe with a nice terrace or a park where you can take your homemade lunch. Stepping away from your desk and getting outside for a break is great to get a change of scenery and will almost certainly help your productivity in the afternoon too.

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3. Walk or Cycle Instead Of Driving

For shorter journeys, ditch the car or the bus and walk or cycle instead. Not only will you be spending more time outdoors, but you’ll be exercising more too.

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4. Go Stargazing

Just as getting up to watch the sunrise can be meditative, so can taking the time to enjoy the night sky. Find somewhere dark, grab a blanket and some cushions and just enjoy gazing up at the night sky. When you get further away from cities where there is a lot of light pollution, you’ll be amazed at how many stars fill the sky.

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5. Create A Mini Garden

You don’t need much outdoor space to create a small herb garden, and not only will you get the benefit of being outdoors when you’re outside tending to it, but you’ll get tasty fresh herbs to cook with too.

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