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Hi Everyone. I’m Cat!

Editor of We Are The Wanderers Cat Ekkelboom-White at Lake Prags in the Dolomites in Winter

We are the Wanderers is a wedding, adventure and travel blog featuring the best of what Europe has to offer. Being more of an outdoorsy type and less of a girly girl, I know that there are couples out there just like me and Menno that live for adventures, before, during and after their wedding day. As a wedding photographer myself at Wild Connections Photography, I was frustrated at how many wedding blogs were heavily focused on luxury lifestyles and pretty details. It also saddened me to see that destination weddings in Europe were being massively under-represented in the global wedding blog community. And that’s where We Are The Wanderers was born. We Are The Wanderers is about celebrating and inspiring couples to travel and explore Europe, and to have the most unforgettable wedding day ever!

But this isn’t just a wedding blog. I refuse to believe that being in a relationship or getting married means you need to settle down, like too many travel blogs would have you believe. So you won’t find lifestyle articles on here about how to feng shui your baby’s nursery or the latest manicure trends. What you will find are real adventures from real couples and lifestyle articles to inspire you to get out there and live your best life.

So this is for you.

The couples who keep getting asked when they are planning on settling down.

The couples who go on a camping trip instead of to a luxury spa.

The couples who live out of a suitcase following their dreams travelling the world.

The couples who go against traditions and get married in a way that reflects their love of adventure.

 We Are The Wanderers

 Cat Ekkelboom-White

Wild Connections Photography

We Are The Wanderers editor Cat Ekkelboom-White leaning against a tree by Lake Prags in the Dolomites

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