Anniversary Shoot In The English Countryside – With Dogs!

Many people don’t think about hiring a professional photographer until their wedding day, and a lot of people won’t hire one again after the day has passed. And while having your photograph taken by a professional might seem like an extravagant luxury, I believe that it’s one of the most important things that you can ever invest in.

For their first wedding anniversary, Tim and Natalie celebrated their milestone with a special anniversary shoot in the English countryside with two of the most important people in their lives – their gorgeous dogs!

Emma Hill Film & Photography captured their adventure in Ashdown Forest in Sussex, England, the same location where their wedding portraits were taken one year before:

It was really awesome to be able to capture this little adventure – the Ashdown forest is a stunning location in Sussex UK. Tim and Natalie were excited to be there with their dogs on their first wedding anniversary as its a place they love to go to for walks with their two dogs. They often do training sessions with their dogs together; it was cool to capture some shots of an impromptu training session as part of the shoot. 

Anniversary Shoot In The English Countryside

We have been married just over a year, and Emma kindly did a gorgeous first year anniversary photo shoot. We love being out doors with our two dogs Levi and Duke.

Ashdown Forest anniversary session by Emma Hill Film + Photography

We went back to where we had our wedding photos taken and thought it would be a memorable location! Plus we love being in the great out doors with our two dogs!

We want some photos taken with ours boys ( the dogs) and thought let’s do a family shoot!

An anniversary shoot in the English Countryside in Ashdown Forest in Sussex by Emma Hill Film + Photography

Make sure you feel completely comfortable with your photographer and let your hair down, don’t take it two seriously have some fun!!
Ashdown Forest anniversary shoot in the English countryside by Emma Hill Film + Photography
I loved Natalie and Tim’s anniversary shoot so much, that when they mentioned that Emma also did their wedding film, of course I had to share that with you two:

Tim & Natalies Wedding from Emma Hill Film & Photography on Vimeo.


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