How To Word Reception Invites When You Are Eloping

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You might have decided to elope but you want to celebrate with your friends and family when you return. Knowing how to word your invitations so that everybody is clear that you are eloping can be tricky. Here are some tips on how to word you post-elopement invitations.


1. Deciding When To Send Them

Decide how soon after your elopement you are going to hold your reception, and whether you are going to send out the invites before or after you elope. Obviously, if you send them out beforehand, everyone will know that you are eloping, and some people may not be as supportive of your choices as you hoped, but there is also more chance that people will be available if they know about it in advance. If you want to keep it secret, a “save the date” style invite is a better way to make sure everyone can attend, but without telling them why. You can even go as far as saying where and when, but without telling everyone what they are celebrating.

2. Choosing The Wording

Should you keep it formal or go informal with your wording? Formal wording might be something along the lines of “Jennifer and Richard would like to invite you to a celebration of their marriage on…” whereas something more informal might read along the lines of “Surprise. We eloped! But we’d love to invite you to celebrate our marriage with us on…”. What you choose comes mainly down to personal preference, and also the overall feel of what you are planning.

3. Make It Clear There Will Be No Wedding Ceremony

However you decide to word it, make sure it is clear that you are (or will be) already married. You don’t want anyone turning up thinking otherwise. Including a short line like “Jess & Tom were married on 26th January” or “We tied the knot on during our trip to the Alps” means there should be no misunderstandings about your marital status.

4. Dress To Impress

Let guests know what sort of celebration you’re going to he holding and what (or what not) to wear. Let them know if it’s going to be black tie for canapes and cocktails or smart casual for a backyard BBQ.

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How To Word Reception Invites When You Are Eloping

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