Why Lapland Is The Perfect Destination For A Winter Weekend Break

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A weekend in Finnish Lapland by Wild Connections Photography
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Lapland might possibly be the perfect destination for a romantic weekend break for couples that love adventure but who also want a nice relaxing weekend.

Wait a minute! I know what you’re thinking. Did she say adventure and relaxing weekend in one sentence? Yes, that wasn’t a typo. I think Lapland is the perfect place for a long couples weekend. Here’s why:

Why A Lapland Winter Weekend Break?

1. There Is Lots To Do

Lapland offers so many unique opportunities to please your adventurous side. If you want to feel connected with nature, husky sledding through the wilderness will make you feel like you’re on an expedition to the north pole. Want something more energetic? Then how about giving cross country skiing a go? Or fancy some adrenaline? Go on a snowmobile safari. Still want more options? You can go skiing or snowboarding, snowshoeing, horse riding, visit ice hotels, learn about local culture. There’s simply loads to do.

2. Long, Dark Nights

Long, dark polar nights have two advantages. This means that you don’t need to feel guilty about early nights and lazy mornings! If the sun doesn’t rise until 9 am then you can enjoy a cosy morning cuddled up with that special someone without having to worry about missing out.

3. Northern Lights

With long dark nights comes the chance to see something incredibly special. From September to April the northern lights (or aurora borealis) can be seen dancing across the night sky, so if you’re lucky and the sky is clear, they might make an appearance.

4. It’s Incredibly Beautiful

Getting off the plane, you really feel like you’ve stepped into another world. Everything as far as the eyes can see is frozen and glistens in the sunlight. And with the low position of the sun in the sky, you get the stunning sunrise and sunset colours in the sky almost all day.

Want to see for yourself?

Here’s a short video from my own trip to Lapland last February with my wonderful husband Menno.

Levi, Finland from Menno Ekkelboom on Vimeo.

If you are planning a trip to see the northern lights, don’t miss our photography guide:

How To Photograph The Northern Lights

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