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This gorgeous engagement shoot by Claudia Rose Carter just goes to show that you don’t need a sunny day and blue skies to get absolutely breathtaking images.

In Abi’s words: Al has always wanted to venture to Norway and so after talking to Claudia about it in passing, I received an email saying ‘why don’t we do your pre-wedding shoot in Bergen!?’. An hour later, we had booked our flights and hotel.

It was non-stop raining the whole time we were there but Claudia always manages to capture the beauty within any situation. I remember we stumbled across a beautiful lake and Claudia asked us to walk around to the other side so she could capture us and the water – just as we’d made it to the other side, the thickest fog rolled in and completely obscured us. We were shouting out to each other trying to work out where we were, but when she finally caught up with us, she used that fog to her advantage! I think these are some of our favourite photos.

We had so much fun being with her for the day and it just felt so natural – just like going on a walk with one of your oldest friends. I think our relationship with her reflects in the photos as they’re just so relaxed and happy. When she sent us the slideshow to view we both cried like babies. We love our photos, our memories and we love her.

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