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Bouldering by Charlie Low Photography

An Introduction To Climbing


If you like the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins and you’re looking for a new sport to try this year, perhaps it’s time to give climbing a try. In this introduction to climbing, we’re going to look at …

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Norway anniversary session by Aspen Jeanne Photography

Anniversary Session On Pulpit Rock In Norway

Love Stories

There’s no hiding at WATW HQ that I’m a self-confessed Scandiphile. So when I received this wonderful anniversary session on Pulpit Rock in Norway from Aspen Jeanné Photography, I knew it would be a perfect fit or We Are

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A couple walks hand in hand on the Nordkette mountain in Innsbruck by Wild Connections Photography

Couples Who Adventure Together: 5 Reasons Adventurous Couples Have Stronger Relationships


Most couples have a thing that they love to do together. For some, that’s dining out in swanky restaurants. For others, it’s climbing a mountain together. But did you know that the act of getting outside with your partner can …

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A skiier skiing off-piste on Stubai glacier by Ekkelboom-White Photography

How To Stay Safe Off-Piste


There’s nothing that beats the feeling of laying down some fresh tracks in powder. It can feel like you’re floating and it’s 100% addictive. Just thinking about it is giving me goosebumps! This addiction usually starts by venturing into the …

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Austria Glacier Hike

Hiking To Austria’s 2nd Largest Glacier

Adventure Travel

Glaciers have always fascinated me. These amazing seas of ice that are thousands of years old, and it troubles me deeply to know that they are disappearing.

Three years ago, Menno and I hiked up to the tongue of the …

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