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Europe's best outdoor adventures on We Are The Wanderers - Image by Wild Connections Photography

5 of Europe’s Best Outdoor Adventures To Add To Your Bucket List

Adventure Travel

For adventurous outdoor lovers, there are so many amazing experiences to be had across Europe, across all seasons. I recently asked members of the We Are The Wanderers Facebook group and there were so many incredible suggestions. It was so …

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Bouldering by Charlie Low Photography

An Introduction To Climbing


If you like the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins and you’re looking for a new sport to try this year, perhaps it’s time to give climbing a try. In this introduction to climbing, we’re going to look at …

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Norway anniversary session by Aspen Jeanne Photography

Anniversary Session On Pulpit Rock In Norway

Love Stories

There’s no hiding at WATW HQ that I’m a self-confessed Scandiphile. So when I received this wonderful anniversary session on Pulpit Rock in Norway from Aspen Jeanné Photography, I knew it would be a perfect fit or We Are

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A couple walks hand in hand on the Nordkette mountain in Innsbruck by Wild Connections Photography

Couples Who Adventure Together: 5 Reasons Adventurous Couples Have Stronger Relationships


Most couples have a thing that they love to do together. For some, that’s dining out in swanky restaurants. For others, it’s climbing a mountain together. But did you know that the act of getting outside with your partner can …

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A skiier skiing off-piste on Stubai glacier by Ekkelboom-White Photography

How To Stay Safe Off-Piste


There’s nothing that beats the feeling of laying down some fresh tracks in powder. It can feel like you’re floating and it’s 100% addictive. Just thinking about it is giving me goosebumps! This addiction usually starts by venturing into the …

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