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After-Wedding Shoot In The Tatra Mountains In Poland couple standing on a misty mountain by Fotomagoria

After Wedding Shoot In The Tatra Mountains In Poland


Before I received this submission, I had absolutely no idea how stunning some of the landscapes are in Poland. From the first glimpse of this incredible after wedding shoot in the Tatra Mountains in Poland Magdalena Glowacka from¬†Fotomagoria,¬†…

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Couple pose with their skis for the ski wedding in the Alps by Wild Connections Photography

A Ski Wedding in Mayrhofen


Even before he’d proposed there was one thing Bec knew. If they were going to get married it would need to be somewhere cold. Because Bec’s childhood dream was to go skiing in her wedding dress!

A Ski Wedding In

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Winter Wedding Austria

Seefeld Austria Mountain Elopement


After much to-ing and fro-ing, Steph and Lee decided to return to the spot of Lee’s proposal to say their wedding vows to each other. That spot was in the alpine town of Seefeld in Austria, a popular winter resort …

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