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Highlands Surprise Proposal in Scotland by Bridle Photography

A Surprise Proposal In Scotland

Love Stories

Ok, you might be a little confused by this blog title “A Surprise Proposal In Scotland”. You’re probably thinking that almost all proposals are surprises. And yes, that’s true. They are usually a surprise to the person being proposed to.

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A wild elopement on the Isle of Skye by Maureen Du Preez

A Wild Isle Of Skye Elopement


I’ve followed the work of photographer Maureen Du Preez for a few years now and I absolutely love her way of seeing the world. Her photography has a beautifully honest quality to it and her love of nature and all …

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North Coast Scotland Tom Cairns

A Scottish Road Trip

Adventure Travel

Last year photographer Tom Cairns did something that he’d been talking about for years. He took a road trip up to the far North of Scotland and man what a trip it was.

Here’s how Tom described this wonderful trip:…

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