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Europe's best outdoor adventures on We Are The Wanderers - Image by Wild Connections Photography

5 of Europe’s Best Outdoor Adventures To Add To Your Bucket List

Adventure Travel

For adventurous outdoor lovers, there are so many amazing experiences to be had across Europe, across all seasons. I recently asked members of the We Are The Wanderers Facebook group and there were so many incredible suggestions. It was so …

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Couple pose with their skis for the ski wedding in the Alps by Wild Connections Photography

A Ski Wedding in Mayrhofen


Even before he’d proposed there was one thing Bec knew. If they were going to get married it would need to be somewhere cold. Because Bec’s childhood dream was to go skiing in her wedding dress!

A Ski Wedding In

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A skiier skiing off-piste on Stubai glacier by Ekkelboom-White Photography

How To Stay Safe Off-Piste


There’s nothing that beats the feeling of laying down some fresh tracks in powder. It can feel like you’re floating and it’s 100% addictive. Just thinking about it is giving me goosebumps! This addiction usually starts by venturing into the …

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Honeymoon shoot in the mountains in Austria by Wild Connections Photography

Honeymoon Shoot In Austria


Susana & Tiago decided to visit the mountains of Austria for their honeymoon. Coming from Portugal, Tiago had never seen snow before, and neither of them had ever stood on skis. After a few ski lessons, they decided to capture …

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Northern Lights Ski Tour Finland

Ski Touring Under The Northern Lights

Adventure Travel


Seeing the northern lights was always on my bucket list. And during our honeymoon in Iceland in 2014 we were lucky enough to see them twice. And it was wonderful. But there was still that burning desire inside me …

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